in Ischia di Castro

Riferimento: ISC/405/TC

Comune: Ischia di Castro

Tipologia: Casale rustico

Descrizione: In the area of Ischia di Castro, Latium Maremma, a small village 800 of 220 sqm with 50 sqm outbuilding ca.Il farmhouse surrounded by an old country village (can also buy a portion of the village) and is located few kilometers from the baths of Saturnia, the sea and Lake Bolsena. The largest building, currently used for residential and agricultural stores, spread over 2 floors. The buildings are surrounded by an area of relevance of 7,000 sqm. Is can increase the surface of the surrounding terrain.

Funzionario: Castrum Tuscany

Telefono: 392 7016700 Cellulare 392 7016700

Mail: Richiedi Informazioni sull'Immobile

Tipologia Transazione: Vendita

Prezzo: 110000



borgo antico